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A Wealth of Experience in the Jewelry Industry

Prior to founding MHL Trading LLC, Michael Lebowitz spent four years as the Director of Jewelry for recycled diamond company, White Pine Trading. There, he helped launch a new division that provided consulting and other services to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and asset-based lenders. Before working for White Pine Trading, he served as the Executive Vice President of Buxbaum Jewelry Advisors where he directed:

  • Store Closings

  • Promotional Sales
  • Inventory Augmentation Programs

  • Wholesale Auctions

  • Consulting Assignments for Retailers, Wholesalers, or Their Asset-Based Lenders

Michael began his career in 1970 with Lebowitz and Co., a family-owned jewelry store in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. There, he was named Chief Operating Officer.

He is certified by the Gemological Institute of America as a graduate gemologist and as an Okuda-Certified Diamond Inspector.

Other Positions Held

Consultant to Manufacturer – M. Fabrikant & Sons

Fine Jewelry Merchandise Manager – Boston-Based Shreve Crump & Low

Closeout Buyer and Asset Appraiser – Gordon Brothers Corp.

Trade Organization Memberships

Coming Soon


Jewelers are not known for selling everything they have in their safes. They, too often, believe that this surplus inventory will eventually sell. Therefore, they count it, claim it, and insure it year after year.

Although the shelf life of a piece of jewelry far exceeds the milk in your refrigerator, it still sours at some point. One of the platforms of our new venture specifically addresses the need to effectively relieve excess inventory to maximize your returns.

If you are open for a discussion and for a no-cost review of your aged inventory, then let’s set a time to talk. Running your business while an industry professional is quietly working on your behalf makes sense and increases cash flow. Let us talk.


Michael H. Lebowitz, GG

MHL Trading LLC

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